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"Songs from Anatolia" is my latest album and it consists of 9 old Anatolian songs that I have arranged for jazz trio.

You can download these songs as high quality wave files below. 





Yigit Ozatalay - Piano

Mustafa Kemal Emirel - Drums

Meral Ayhan - vocals ( on "Gecti hayal icinde")


Yigit and Kemal have a duo together called "Yuruyen Merdiven".

Check out their music here!


Meral Ayhan is my mother in law and I'm very happy to feature her on this album!

01 Vucud ikliminin sultanisin sen.wav
Wave Audio File 63.0 MB
05 Kacsam birakip senden uzak yollara gi
Wave Audio File 65.4 MB
09 Gecti hayal icinde.wav
Wave Audio File 30.2 MB
02 Gesi baglari.wav
Wave Audio File 43.3 MB
06 Cannakale icinde.wav
Wave Audio File 59.5 MB
03 Urfanin etrafi dumanli daglari.wav
Wave Audio File 70.3 MB
07 Beyoglundan gezersin.wav
Wave Audio File 58.5 MB
04 Cemilemin gezdigi daglar meseli.wav
Wave Audio File 56.0 MB
08 Demedim mi.wav
Wave Audio File 56.0 MB