Katarina Kochetova - Piano
Valentin Duit - Drums
Kristian Lind - Bassetto 

K3 is Kristian’s latest project and is an ensemble supported by the MUK (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien) as a “masters” ensemble. K3’s focus is to implement Turkish/oriental and classical music into jazz/improvisational music, and strive to push the border of what’s normally heard on the “jazz scene”. The compositions are made by Kristian and are heavily influenced by Turkish makams, odd meters and micro tones as well as western classical music.

The melodies are often played on the bassetto, a historical instrument that has almost died out since the development of the cello and is today only played by three people (Kristian being the only one playing jazz on one). This instrument has a beautiful tenor voice and fills the void between the doublebass and the cello. 

In 2023, K3 will work together with a string quartet to further experiment with the borderline between jazz/classical and Turkish music. An album with this music is planned to be recorded and released in the second half of 2023.