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Curriculum Vitae Kristian Lind


Growing up in a small town in Sweden, Kristian Lind spent his early years playing classical music, Rock, Pop, Latin, Funk, Fusion and Metal before getting interested in Jazz and improvised music, which he studied from age 23 at Lund’s university. A few years later, he moved to Stockholm and began touring Sweden and abroad.

In 2010, Kristian began taking private lessons in classical bass playing and was accepted at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm as a student of classical music.
After moving to Turkey in 2014 he also took private lessons in Turkish and Oriental Folk music.

In 2022 he also received a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz bass from MUK – Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna.


Musicianship as a sideman and a leader
Kristian’s ability to “blend in” as a sideman into any musical context and style, his technical skills on both the double bass and electric bass and his openness to try and learn new music, quickly made him a name on the Swedish Jazz/Latin/World music scene as a “first call” bass player. He played Salsa, Cuban and Brazilian music, African music, big bands, Pop/Rock, Jazz, Avantgarde, classical and Folk music from all around the world.

After establishing himself in the Stockholm music scene, Kristian began to lead his own bands and released two albums with his avant-garde/free bop band “Tong” and later the album “Winter games” with his trio.

Between the years 2004 and 2014, Kristian played between 150-200 concerts per year, toured more than 30 countries, played as a sideman on more than 40 albums, took an exam in piano tuning and one degree as a captain.

In 2014, Kristian got rewarded
“Best Swedish Jazz Band” with the Daniel Karlsson Trio by the Swedish radio.

In 2014 Kristian moved to Turkey together with his wife where he began to play with local folk musicians in Cannakale (west of Turkey). To make the bass a better “fit” for Turkish music, he bought a five stringed bass and tuned it in fifths to get a bigger harmonic range.
In 2016, Kristian moved to Istanbul where he began to play on the local scene while still learning the new tuning system. After one year, Kristian was established on the Turkish music scene and began to
tour in Turkey playing Jazz, Latin, Tango and Folk music with Istanbul as a base.

Kristian released his second solo album “Songs from Anatolia” in 2019 and shortly afterwards moved with his family to Vienna, where he is currently freelancing and teaching.



Some of the musicians/groups Kristian has played with include:
Tim Hagans, Jeff Ballard, Shai Maestro, Barbara Hendricks, Kurt Elling, Nils Landgren, The norrbotten bigband, Victoria Tolstoy, Rigmor Gustavsson, Daniel Karlson trio, Burak Bedikyan, Baki Duyarlar, Django Bates, John Fedchock, Ikiz, Peter Asplund, Magnus Lindgren, Karl-Martin Almquist, Peter Danemo, Håkan Broström, Berndt Rosengren, Mathias Landeaus, Mathias Algotsson, Calle Rasmusson, Blues Transfusion, Cennet Jönsson, Krister Jonsson, Max Schultz, Erik Söderlind, Adam Forkelid, Jon Fält, Andreas Öberg, Matilda Mörk, Karin Hammar, Sliding Hammers, Johan Leijonhufvud, Martin Sjöstedt, Benjamin Schatz, Georg Vogel, Valentin Duit, Katarina Kochetova, Matheus Jardim, Andy Middleton, Oliver Kent, Daniel Nösig, Christopher Pawluk, Lucas Gabric, Gernot Bernroider, Albert Reifert and many more.


Teaching, organisational work, research

Part from playing himself, Kristian is also a very dedicated and passionate teacher for, both, students in e-bass/double bass in many different musical genres. He has given workshops and masterclasses in Sweden, the Czeck Republik, Japan, Thailand, Turkey and South Africa.

He has also taught and coached ensembles in Jazz, various popular styles, Turkish and Oriental Music and has subbed as an ensemble lecturer at MUK Vienna for Uli Langthaler (Blue Note Ensemble and Wayne Shorter Ensemble) as well as for Univ. Prof. Lars Seniuk and his Contemporary & Conceptional Ensemble that got awarded the recognition award at the “Ars Docendi 2022 – National Austrian State Award for Excellence in University Teaching”.

He also has degrees and more than 100 hours of professional training and practice as a life coach – an expertise that he has been using also in teaching music students with great results.

His interests and fields of expertise in arts-based or artistic research include, e.g., the topics of the Bassetto, double bass tunings in fifths and fourths and their differences, different bass playing and teaching techniques, Turkish and Oriental music, as well as interdisciplinary projects with (contemporary) dancers and actors.