Music lessons for kids and adults in Wien.

I began giving private guitar lessons my students at the Swedish school when I realized that there was only a piano teacher giving lessons at the school.
Today, I’m also giving lessons at Musikraum, at home and at my students homes.

I’m teaching guitar, drums and piano for kids/beginners and doublebass and electric bass for higher level students and professionals.

Other lessons
I’m also giving lessons in ensemble playing in rock, pop and jazz for all levels.

I’m teaching kids in a very relaxed way and I always try to make it fun. No pressure on homework, the most important thing for me is to keep them engaged and don’t make them loose theirinterest.
The student is encouraged to bring music that they like and would like to play. We could also work with a method book, if you would like a more traditional approach.

Listening to music is proven to stimulate the brain in many different ways and playing a musical instrument gives even more benefits. Children can easier focus and usually improve in their normal school subjects after beginning to play an instrument. Meeting an adult that is not their parent or caretaker one to one once per week is also something that I believe is very good and healthy for a child.
After studying an instrument for awhile, then the real fun begins! The child can begin to play with others and put together their own bands and make concerts. 
This develops social skills, planning skills and vision and will hopefully remain a source of joy and learning for the rest of their lives!


I charge 20euro per 30 minutes.
For house visits I do a minimum of 60minutes and I add an extra fee if it’s far for me to go.