The idea of "Ebass" started when there was some repair work that needed to be done in the bass track of a recording that I recently worked on. We couldn't find a time that was suitable for everyone to meet again in the studio so I said I would give it a try in my own home studio. 

I have very good preamps, mics and good acoustics so the result was even better then what we got in the expensive "professional"  studio. I ended up re-recording the whole album in my home studio...

So, how does it work?

First we discuss what you want and agree on the terms.


You send me:


a recording (the better the quality the better) with wetransfer, dropbox or whatever you prefer.

a score of the music, some chords or leave it to me ;)


I send you:

a low quality mp3 to see if you liked what I did.

If you like it, then I'll send you the file in full quality .

If you didn't ... then I'll either re-do it or not charge you, whatever you prefer. 

my studio